REVIEW: Perennials by Julie Cantrell

I was browsing Kindle titles on Amazon when I stumbled upon Perennials by Julie Cantrell. The premise seemed interesting enough. However, I haven’t had the energy to finish this book. I spent nearly a whole morning reading up to half of the novel, waiting, waiting for it to get good because it did have promise.

Now, a disclaimer: I did not finish this book. I didn’t care enough to finish this book. I thought it would be a waste to continue investing my time in it when even after I’ve plodded through half of it, I still didn’t care about anyone in the story. That said, I do have some thoughts on the half that I did read.

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Recent Loves

A collection of recently discovered things I am loving right now.

Kate or Die

Kate’s colorful art is perfect for her lighthearted comics. They’re mostly about her everyday life, from pit stains
to rants about feminism:

Her comics have a conversational tone, as though Kate’s just talking to her friends instead of strangers on the Internet. I actually think they’re a lot like personal blog posts, only in comics form, which is why I enjoy going through the archives.
Oh, and I adore her Deadpool/Spider-Man ship:
That hand grenade ring is PERFECT for Deadpool!!!

Shiba Sommelier

This Tumblr blog reviews various wines, and posts them with a photo of a Shiba Inu and the wine bottle.

Much Shiba. Much Wine.”

Now I don’t like wine (all I ever drink is Red Horse beer), but I LOVE dogs, and this beautiful Shibe keeps me coming back for more ❤

The Most Popular Girls in School

Youtube series
It’s a freakin’ stop-motion series starring Barbie dolls. How can I not get hooked?!

[photo source]

TMPGIS follows the rivalry of the Van Buren sisters and the Overland Park Cheer Squad, as well as the lives of other students in Overland Park. What makes this show so great is that even the supporting characters are hilarious: there’s a desperate lunch lady, a sad-sack 27-year-old, and a pregnant French (Canadian?) student.

Also, lots of cursing.
[photo source]

So that’s it for Recent Loves. ‘Til next time! I’m a little busy so I won’t be updating the blog as much. Byeeee!

The Ultimate Book Tag

Grabbed from Books with Bite.
1. Do you get sick while reading in a car?
Nope. I can read pretty much anywhere.
2. Which author’s writing style is completely unique to you and why?
I’d have to say Aimee Bender. Her prose is a bit flowery, but it never gets in the way of the story itself. Her wordiness actually draws me deeper into the story. Best example would be in The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, where she describes the ingredients of lemon cake, including “the yellow block of butter blurring at the edges”. When she listed down what appears to be the contents of a grocery list, I saw everything in my mind’s eye and I started craving lemon cake.
I fricking love her, is what I’m saying.
3. The Harry Potter series or the Twilight saga? Give 3 points to defend your answer.
Is this even a question? Harry Potter, because it has 1) good characters, 2) a good plot, and 3) good dialogue, AKA three things Twilight does not have.

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“If you had to choose, would you pick Harry Potter or The Hunger Games?”

This was the bomb that The Best Friend dropped me a few months ago while we were drinking. We were playing a game where you had to pick one of the given choices, which was going along swimmingly until he posed this question to me, his metal-mouth in a triumphant grin.
[photo source]
At that moment, I despised him—not because I didn’t know what to answer, but because I knew exactly what the answer was and I was too afraid to say it out loud.
So are you ready to hear it?
My choice is…

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Confessions of a comics fan

Comics have been a part of my life for years without me realizing it. I’ve been reading newspaper comic strips since I was old enough to borrow the newspaper’s Entertainment page from my lolo. I grew up reading Pugad Baboy and Pupung in the newspapers.
I got into foreign comics in college. I’m a Marvel girl through and through, although I do enjoy Vertigo comics as well. I only read DC comics for Batman.
Comics are amazing because they combine visual art with storytelling: drawings, colors, layouts, fonts, dialogue, and plot (ideally) come together.
The one challenge that I really have with reading comics from major publishing houses is that it’s so damn hard to catch up with everything that’s happening. They have been around for so long, which means so many different storylines and retcons. You’ll have to look out for what’s canon & what’s not. And don’t even get me started on the titles: the X-Men, the Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, for starters. There are way too many titles to slog through if you want to get caught up to the current issues and I JUST CAN’T. The pressure is too much to know everything about everyone, everywhere! On the upside, there are so many different interpretations of a single character that there’s bound to be something you like.
Still, I prefer finished titles or specific story arcs, one-shots, and graphic novels. The only ongoing series I really follow is Fables. It’s easy to catch up on that because it’s relatively new – right now they’re only on issue 135.
I just got a Marvel Encyclopedia from my mom as a Christmas gift, so maybe I’ll finally have the time to know where exactly the frick we are in terms of canon/noncanon. ♥