How I started my morning

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I was drinking coffee this morning

watching the news

when the anchor said an accident had occurred

in the city where I worked.

The streets were all

too familiar.

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On being overly dependent

Recently, I read an article that discusses the differences between overly dependent and overly independent people who suffer from anxiety.

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I am the most needy person I know. I take it personally when I feel like friends are drifting away, and even a minuscule thing like a slow response from my boyfriend to my messages bothers me. As an overly dependent anxiety sufferer, I am in need of constant validation and am hurt when I don’t hear what I want to hear. Continue reading “On being overly dependent”

When does writing about depression make it worse?

I write a lot about my depression. Whether it’s in my iOS journal app Day One, or here in my blog, I often write when I’m feeling down. My psychologist suggested it to me in our early sessions, and I’ve been doing it fairly consistently for a couple of years now. I’m happy to report that for the most part, it’s been a great tool to divert myself when I’m having a bad episode.

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Apologies to different people


  1. I couldn’t be better
  2. I’m not good enough
  3. I quit too early
  4. I quit too late
  5. I’m not a better friend
  6. I’m sad, depressed, and dark and twisty
  7. I’m too much work
  8. I’m ungrateful
  9. I’m stubborn
  10. I’m a mess
  11. I make too many mistakes

After reading this in my journal and explaining to The Best Friend to whom these apologies were addressed, he said I was being too hard on myself. So I have added this last apology:

To myself: sorry I have such low self-esteem. I will do my best to love you as much as I can. ❤️