Ramblings from a broken heart

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Heartbreak sucks. It hurts so badly and I can’t even express it properly because it’s such a fucking cliche. That feeling of having someone you cherish take your heart and put it through a meat grinder – I mean, it’s safe to say that most people have that experience under their belt. Continue reading “Ramblings from a broken heart”

Opening up

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It has been a particularly rough couple of months. I’m dealing with a lot of personal problems, which leaves me too exhausted to even play with my cat. I’ve been feeling physically and emotionally drained.


My anxiety even came calling a few times, striking whether I was hard at work or chilling at home. Same symptoms as before: palpitations and shortness of breath.

In one particular incident, I spent half of my shift at work thinking of every possible awful thing that could happen. My mind raced with terrible thoughts of losing everything I had, all that I hold dear. I couldn’t focus, I was panicky, I felt weak and dizzy – it went on for hours.

Continue reading “Opening up”

How do you let yourself be loved when you feel unlovable?

How does one be in a loving, healthy relationship without sabotaging it?

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Honestly, I don’t know how people do it. I try my best to be trusting, to be loving – but I often feel like I fail. My boyfriend reassures me constantly that I’m wonderful, that I deserve happiness; still, I feel remarkably undeserving of his affections. Continue reading “How do you let yourself be loved when you feel unlovable?”